Bamboo Gardening for a Naturally Beautiful Home

bamboo garden with bamboo privacy screen

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that is suitable for many different climates. A bamboo plant with temperate to warm climate conditions can grow inches per week. Some varieties of bamboo growing many inches in a single day. Bamboo gardening can also provide a pleasing aesthetic while enhancing the environment with oxygen. When compared to a hardwood tree bamboo can release up to thirty times more oxygen into the air. Planting bamboo in your garden is a great idea, whether you are growing bamboo in pots or growing bamboo for privacy, it is great for landscaping and bamboo stakes can even help the growth of other garden plants.

Bamboo Gardening Indoors

Bamboo gardening indoors is possible, but it can be more difficult than growing bamboo outdoors in the proper climate. Depending on the climate you live in, growing bamboo indoors may be your only option.

Spraying the bamboo with water and using pebbles or small stones as the soil for the bamboo can help provide a moderately humid environment for your indoor bamboo garden. The evaporation of the water within the pebbles and around the bamboo plant can help to provide the property humidity for the indoor bamboo plant. While growing bamboo indoors the air is most commonly too dry for proper bamboo plant health, but too humid of an environment, caused by over watering, can also have a detrimental effect on indoor bamboo houseplants. Providing clean and filtered water for your indoor bamboo plant with proper drainage, and plenty of natural sunlight will result in the best environment for indoor bamboo plants.

Bamboo House Plants

It can be rewarding to grow bamboo as a house plant, although challenging. Given the correct temperature range, amount of sunlight, and humidity, a bamboo house plan can thrive indoors. There are some shorter varieties of bamboo that are better for growing indoors, but all types will provide a clean and natural aesthetic for your indoor arrangement. Not only do bamboo house plants look pleasing, they also oxygenate the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. In smaller rooms like a home office, carbon dioxide can build up faster than you would think, especially when working from home and talking for long periods. Adding a bamboo house plant to your home office can help lessen the effects of indoor carbon dioxide environment by enriching the air through natural plant processes.

Bamboo Plant Stands

Since bamboo is incredibly strong for how much it weighs it can also work well as a stand or shelf for other plants. Using a lightweight plant stand can be helpful when repotting plants or rearranging your garden. Bamboo plant stands are a lightweight option that provide excellent weight capacity to highlight other potted plants. Unlike metal or plastic, plant stands and shelves made with bamboo retain the natural feeling of your garden.

Bamboo Plant Supports

Some plants needs support as they grow, and bamboo is an excellent alternative to synthetic materials like plastic. Bamboo plants supports are available in a variety of lengths ranging all the way to six feet in height. Use a single bamboo support for smaller vine like plants, or you can use many simultaneously for larger plants and small trees.

Bamboo Gardening Outdoors

You should grow bamboo plants in areas that have lots of sunlight. Bamboo plants grow best when they have full sun exposure. Outdoor bamboo gardening is easy and bamboo plants can reach full growth sooner than other plants when given proper care. Bamboo plants do require moist soil that is properly drained. Growing bamboo does not require a lot of space like other plants. Bamboo is well suited for tight areas like porches or balconies. Growing bamboo in pots or container can work well. As long as the bamboo does not become too large for the pot or container. Over time bamboo will outgrow the container, requiring you to re-pot it within three to five years. The best season to re-pot bamboo is during the fall or winter. This is when the bamboo is growing at a slower rate.

Bamboo Trees

Some varieties of bamboo may be called trees, but all types of bamboo are technically grasses. Bamboo trees can reach maturity in approximately three to five years, which is much faster than hardwood trees. Bamboo trees are a carbon neutral choice, and they do not require pesticides or fertilizers. The fast growth combined with the relatively straightforward maintenance of bamboo makes it an excellent choice for planting in your garden. Bamboo trees are incredibly versatile and can not only grow in many different environments, but also provide luscious scenery.

Live Bamboo Fences

Since bamboo is able grow so fast it can rapidly spread throughout a garden if left unchecked. While this may be bad for your garden it can be beneficial if you are interested in a natural privacy screen. Consider planting a live fence using bamboo as a privacy screen. Instead of using plastic or metal materials to build a traditional fence around your garden or property, Traditional fencing material is not environmentally friendly and results in the emission of green house gases and pollutants, while the extra materials can often end up in landfills. Live Bamboo fences are an Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious choice for privacy screens.

Clumping Bamboo Hedges

Bamboo hedges are able to clump. There is even bamboo referred to as clumping bamboo. Clumping bamboo hedges take up a relatively small footprint while growing very tall. This way you can have a privacy screen that is comparable to the height of a standard fence. A bamboo privacy screen is an aesthetically pleasing choice.

Bamboo Privacy Screening

Privacy screens made using bamboo, are a natural fiber alternative to plastic materials that provide a decorative touch that is visually appealing. Fencing constructed with bamboo materials, is a great choice to protect your privacy. Bamboo fencing can eliminate the use of chemicals that is commonly used with wood fencing. Privacy screens made with bamboo, are also great for porches or balconies as they are relatively easy to construct while retaining the durability and strength to handle severe weather and block strong winds.

Bamboo Water Features

Bamboo water features are a pleasing and relaxing feature that can be included in a garden. The soothing sounds of bamboo water features can provide a calming background sound. This can help promote meditation and allow for greater enjoyment of the surrounding bamboo gardening area. You can make your own bamboo water feature with do-it-yourself kits or you can purchase one that is already assembled and ready for you to enjoy. Whether you would like to build your own bamboo water feature or purchase an existing one make sure they are made with actual bamboo and not synthetic materials. The other component that is worth reviewing is the pump that will be used to move the water. A loud and noisy pump will detract from the calming sounds of the bamboo water feature.

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